A portrait of a graduate 2021


The Ministry of Education and Science of Russia and the platform "Russia – the country of opportunities" found out what university graduates want to do in future and how much they plan to earn. Most of them will continue their studies, while many of them received paid work experience during their student years and now plan to pursue their career. Despite the growing popularity of freelancing, only 4% of respondents plan to work in this format, one third of students will still look for an employment and only 6% of students dream of opening their own business. The majority of graduates are thinking about continuing their studies (37%). A fifth of the respondents have already decided on a profession, more than half (63%) worked during training and received a salary, and one third of students completed additional internships outside of compulsory one. As for the salary, half of the graduates (53%) after the university expect a salary of 25-55 thousand rubles per month, 15% want 55-85 thousand rubles, and 7% of the respondents had salary expectations at the level of 100 thousand rubles.

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