International Students / Pre-university Training Faculty

The University makes an invitation, meets and registers students, gives accommodation and studying literature, and also helps to get the medical insurance.

Students of the Pre-university Training Faculty live and study in one and the same building. The building of the Faculty is situated downtown; a canteen, a stadium, a park, different shops and trade centers are within walking distance.
Period of training is from September 1 to June 15, six days a week (Sunday is a day off). The training is carried out in groups of 7 – 10 persons. Excursions are included into the Program of Training, part of excursions are being paid by students themselves. In case of late arrival (after November 1) the training should be prolonged until the middle of July. There is a variant of 1,5 year course of pre-university training.

When the full course of training in the selected field of training is done and final exams are successfully passed, students are awarded with certificates on graduation of the Pre-university Training Faculty.
Graduates of the Pre-university Training Faculty are accepted to training in professional educational Programs of Bachelor’s, Master’s or PhD’s degree in accordance with their previous education.

Cost of studies at the Pre-university Training Faculty

Period of studies Cost of studying, USD
CIS** citizens, Baltic States*** citizens and compatriots Other countries
1 year (all fields of studies) 1350 2000
1,5 year (all fields of studies) 2025 3000
Internship of a group during 1 year (more than 10 persons) 1900
Internship of a group during 1 year (less than 10 persons) 2200
The Russian language course (private classes (not more than 3 persons) one academic hour) 15
The Russian language course (group classes, one month) 190

*Advanced payment only.
** CIS – Commonwealth of Independent States (Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Ukraine, Uzbekistan)

*** Baltic States – Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania

Cost of accommodation at the hostel

In 2018-2019 academic year the cost of accommodation in the hostel #1 makes from 20 to 60 USD a month per person.

Cost of the medical insurance (for 1 year) – 165 USD