Stalingrad Engineering Institute

May, 1930 – Stalingrad Tractor building Institute was found. It had two faculties – Tractor building and Engineering. 
April, 1933 – Stalingrad Tractor building Institute was reorganized into Stalingrad Engineering Institute.
May, 1940 – 10th anniversary of Stalingrad Engineering Institute. It had 4 faculties, with 1000 students studying at them. Among 64 teachers there were 3 Professors and 9 Ass. Professors.
1941-1945 – a severe period: the Institute was evacuated to Chelyabinsk. During the war period the Institute had taught 294 engineers, mainly for armament industry.
1945-1962 – the years of revival and further development. In 1961-1962 academic year there were 4 full-time faculties, 1 part-time faculty, 1 evening faculty. The number of students increased to 3750 people, 12 foreign students entered the Institute; all of them were taught by 158 teachers.

Volgograd Polytechnical Institute

June, 1963 – Stalingrad Engineering Institute was reorganized into Volgograd Polytechnical Institute.
1970 – 40th anniversary of VPI. 116 Doctors of Sciences and PhDs taught about 10000 students. 3 evening faculties were organized in the Institute – in Kirovsky and Krasnoarmeysky districts of Volgograd and in Volzhsky. Studying process in this form was held in 12 fields. A computing center was created. University of teaching mastering was found.
1975 – 45th anniversary of VPI. About 1500 young men and women graduated the Institute. Studying process was held in 16 engineering specialties. 17 Doctors of Sciences and 257 PhDs worked there.
1980 – 50th anniversary of VPI. More than 10000 students studied at 10 faculties in 17 engineering specialties and 20 Professors, Doctors of Sciences and 330 Ass. Professors, PhDs taught them. The Institute was awarded with Order of the Red Banner of Honor for merits in the field of engineers training.
1985 – 55th anniversary of VPI. About 12000 students studied at 11 faculties in 19 engineering specialties and 28 Professors, Doctors of Sciences and 390 Ass. Professors, PhDs taught them. The directed intensive training of specialists in 5 specialties was implemented.
1990 – 60th anniversary of VPI. The studying process was held at 11 faculties in 24 engineering specialties. There were more than 500 foreign students form more than 50 countries. 780 teachers worked at 45 chairs, among them 35 Professors, Doctors of Sciences and 412 PhDs and Ass. Professors.

Volgograd State Technical University

March, 1993 – Volgograd Polytechnical Institute was renamed to Volgograd State Technical University (VSTU). The transformation to multi-level system of students training was done.
2000 – 70th anniversary of VSTU. 11556 students, including 105 foreigners, 339 PhD students – 4 of them were foreigners studied in the University. At 70 chairs of the University, including Volzhsky Politechnical and Kamyshin Technological Institutes worked 1626 teachers, including 93 Doctors of Sciences, Professors and 465 PhDs, Ass. Professors. Studying process was organized according to multi-level system at 12 faculties:
- Bachelors’ degree – in 10 fields;
- Specialists’ degree – in 32 fields;
- Masters’ degree – in 19 fields.
2005 – 75th anniversary of VSTU. 19023 students, including 302 foreigners studied at the University. There were three affiliates: Volzhsky Polytechnical Institute (VPI), Kamyshin Technological Institute (KTI) and Volzhsky Complex of Research and Technology (VCRT); 14 faculties with 72 chairs; 2970 teachers and employees, including 190 Doctors of Sciences, Professors and 745 PhDs, Ass. Professors.
The University trained in 14 fields of Bachelors’ degree, 40 specialties, 21 Masters’ Program. 437 students studied in PhD Program.
2010 – 80th anniversary of VSTU. More than 20000 students and 285 PhD students studied in the University. 2915 teachers, including 150 Doctors of Sciences and 642 PhDs trained students. During 80 years of the University work more than 110000 engineers of high qualification graduated it.