An appreciation letter from the Co-chairman of the Moscow Academic Economic Forum Organizing Committee was sent to the Rector of VSTU


«A gratitude for the valuable contribution to the Moscow Academic Economic Forum» and «a hope for further cooperation and fruitful cooperative work aimed at promoting the prosperity of the Russian Federation» were expressed in this letter.

The MAEF was held on the theme "Global Transformation of Modern Society and National Development Goals of Russia" on 26-27th of May, 2021.

This Forum included a plenary session at the Russian Academy of Sciences, plenary conferences at the leading universities of our country, a final plenary session in the Congress Hall of the VEO (The Free Economic Society) of Russia, as well as regional and interregional conferences and congresses, which were held from the 17th to 25th May in 41 subjects of the Russian Federation.

In total, 8497 people from 83 regions of Russia and 32 countries took part in the events of MAEF-2021. Among the participants are scientists, experts and representatives of business communities, international and Russian public and scientific organizations, government agencies.

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