XI-th conference “Chemistry and life” took place at VPI - affiliate of VSTU


This year traditional XIth conference of students’ research works “Chemistry and life”, organized by Volzhsky Polytechnical Institute, was dedicated to 150 anniversary of Periodic Law of chemical elements, formulated by D.I. Mendeleev. Let us recall that, by the decision of UNO, 2019 was declared to be an international year of Periodical table of the Elements, created by D.I. Mendeleev.

For the first time before the conference began, young talents had been offered to take part in entertaining chemical experiments, demonstrated by the teachers of the department “Chemistry, technology and chemical processing equipment”. Master-class for young chemists was given by associate professors, candidates of chemical sciences O.M. Ivankina and E.A. Perevalova. The participants with interest performed the experiments on qualitative reaction of some elements, familiarized themselves with basis of paper chroniatography, carried out the division of dyes, used in felt pens and a lot of other experiments.

Vice principal of research work of VPI (affiliate of VSTU), doctor of chemistry, professor G.M. Butov said his opening speech and parting words to the participants of the conference. Professor V.F. Kablov made an interesting report on modern elaborations in the sphere of chemical material science, told about achievements of the department “Chemical polymer technology and industrial ecology” in creation of unique materials. Professor S.D. Strekalov made a report on predictive power of D.I. Mendeleev’s periodical law and told about possible existing and opening of the elements which weigh less than hydrogen.

The conference was held in form of exciting and interesting presentations of modern and the latest research works of pupils and students from schools, vocational schools, gymnasiums and technical colleges. About twenty reports were presented and listened to on two sections. The themes of the presentations touched upon different scientific fields of chemistry (food chemistry, household chemistry, ecology, etc.). It is interesting that for the first time young chemists of 7th and 8th grades have presented their reports, to be exact: from Municipal educational institution, school №14 “Zelyonyj shum” the city of Volzhsky-Ekaterina Babiy and Ekaterina Boltukhova told about the importance of natrium and magnesium in our life, besides, Andrey Doronin told about biogas and eco-fuel as prospects of the ХХI century.

As the event itself was very exciting and emotional, a coffee break was made in order to relieve the stresses, but even during it the participants of the conference asked teachers of the departments “Chemistry, technology and chemical processing equipment” and “Chemical polymer technology and industrial ecology “ and refreshed themselves with sweets and hot tea.

Final stage of the event was the awarding of the participants of the conference for their work and ambitions in their endeavors. All the participants received certificates, winners got diplomas and commemorative prizes, teachers got grateful letters.

The Participants pointed out the positive result in the work of the conference which allows to get additional scores for Unified State Exam in chemistry for the prizewinners of the conference – students of 11th grade, which they can use applying to VPI or VSTU.

The organizers of the conference proposed to continue the discussion of research works in 2020 at the XIIth conference of students’ research works “Chemistry and life”.

The list of winners is published here: http://www.volpi.ru/contests/chemistry_and_life/

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