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Students of Institute of Architecture and Civil Engineering of VSTU do their internship in leading Volgograd organizations


On March 5 an excursion aimed at doing an internship has been organized for the students , who are studying in the major “Information systems and technologies” within the cooperation of the LLC “VolgaTECHengineering” with Institute of Architecture and Civil Engineering of VSTU.

The main topic of the meeting was the discussion of the prospects for the development of cooperation between LLC “VolgaTECHengineering” and Institute of Architecture and Civil Engineering of VSTU. The first-time programmers got familiar with real tasks of the industry. The chief executive officer of the enterprise Vladimir Dmitrievich Zorin showed young specialists the software programs, which are used in the company and told about the tasks, which will be realized within the common projects. Accomplishment of real tasks in term papers will allow students to get a sense of the industrial process during the course of their study and will be efficient for their adaptation at the workplace after their graduation from the university.

The meeting was organized by the employees of the department “Digital economy and management of municipal services and civil construction” – a senior teacher N.M. Rashevskiy and an associate professor T.V. Ereshchenko.

The participants of the meeting have expressed their confidence that it is a successful start of the implementation of real industrial tasks into the studying process for the students of the department “Information systems and construction technologies” as well as for future master’s degree students.

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