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VSTU students attended the educational seminar "Lectorium"


Russian educational seminar "Lectorium" was held in the Moscow on the    2-4th of April. There were 135 participants, including the students of Volgograd State Technical University. Studying, practicing and exchanging of work experience - this is what students from all over the country gathered for. VSTU students became representatives not only of the university at this seminar, but also of our city.

"Lectorium" is not just an educational platform. "Lectorium" is an opportunity. An incredible chance to get a new knowledge, meet students from all over Russia, adopt the best practices and just explore the streets of the capital.

There you could see many directions: development of student media services, SMM promotion in the student organization, social design and etc. But all of them are so different, but "Lectorium" was able to unite all the participants and create one huge and friendly team.

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