The winners and participants of the creative competition "Architectural Fantasy" were awarded at VSTU


VSTU provided a unique opportunity for students to express their ideas and implement them in the creative competition "Architectural Fantasy". On the 28th of December, the winners and participants of the creative competition "Architectural Fantasy" were awarded. The jury members commented on each contest work in detail and wished the participants further success. A little bit about the competition. It was held in three nominations:

1. "Improvement of campus yard areas"

The task of the participants was to identify the shortcomings of a particular point of the university and suggest ways to improve it. Unique works were presented, which impressed the commission. The jury members also noted the rationality of solving problems. The winners in this nomination are:

  • 1st place: Elizaveta Naiko and Daria Sokolova;

  • 2nd place: Alexandra Kolosova and Victoria Korzh;

  • 3rd place: Elena Kuznetsova.

2. "Design of recreational spaces of campus"

The most creative nomination and, unfortunately, with the smallest number of participants. But the winner's project (Pavel Aseev) will be implemented on the walls of the main building of the university in the next spring.

3. "Object design"

In this nomination, the winners were selected on the topic of object design and souvenir products for the next anniversary of the Institute of Architecture and Construction of VSTU. The students were impressed with their imagination, for example, an endless calendar and a unique fountain of mirrors were presented.

Winners of the nomination:

  • 1st place: Nikita Grigoriev;

  • 1st place: Zarema Magomedova and Anastasia Gorlova (souvenirs);

  • 2nd place: Sanan Bagaev;

  • 2nd place: Anastasia Kazakova and Anastasia Hristyukova (souvenirs);

  • 3rd place: Victoria Vodolagina.

"Architectural fantasy" became a good experience for the participants, and most importantly, motivation not to stop, but to move only forward, towards their goal.

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