The second stand "The Immortal Regiment" has been made in VSTU


We have already created a stand "The Immortal Regiment of VSTU" and placed it in early May in the hall of the main educational building 3 years ago. And today we made another one stand for this exposition in our university.

Thanks you all, who took part in the material preparation for creation of the stand "The Immortal Regiment"! Thanks to your efforts, another stand with photographs of the Stalingrad`s heroes has been added to the exposition.

In these photographs we can see the defenders of our Motherland - our grandfathers and grandmothers, mothers and fathers of our professor`s. Some of them did not return from the battlefields, while others lived a long life, raising children and grandchildren. Try not to pass by, stop even for a moment and remember all the men and women` heroic deeds, which were accomplished to protect you and your Motherland!

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