Admission campaign has launched in Volgograd universities


In Volgograd universities started the admission campaign-2023. Applicants have already started applying for the admission in universities. By the way, this year three Volgograd universities at once entered the top hundred across the country: Volgograd State University, Volgograd State Medical University and Volgograd State Technical University.

Vladimir Kazankin, Dean of the VSTU Faculty of Automated Systems, Transport and Armaments: "Volgograd State Technical University has 10 faculties. For the first year of bachelor and specialist 's degrees, we have 1200 budget places for students. In particular, target quotas have been allocated. It should be said that you definitely need to score some minimum passing points on the Unified State Exam. In particular, in mathematics and physics – 39 points. If we talk about the Faculty of Automated Systems, Transport and Weapons, which I represent, we have 154 budget places." 

Applicants can also apply online. Acceptance of documents will end on the 25th of July.

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