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VSTU volunteers are engaged in territory improvement of the orphanage


For several days, the students from the volunteer detachment of VSTU worked on the orphanage territory. At the request of the management of the children's institution, they planted rose, juniper, hosta bushes, and also updated design of the walking area – drawings on the walls of buildings that were made 5 years ago by the previous generation of VSTU volunteers.

Plants and supplies for drawing were bought with money collected by the students during the Spring Charity Fair at VSTU. The students plan to continue creating positive and cute drawings on other objects of the orphanage in order to please the little residents of this building.

The volunteers invite everyone who can draw and who are ready to find some time, realize their talents and ideas and make the life of orphans a little brighter and kinder.

For all questions, you can contact:

  • Elena Skorikova, +79176439357;

  • Vasily Proselkov, +79610764616.

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