A manufacturing workshop on the production of bimetallic radiators has been launched in Volgograd


A new manufacturing line on the production of radiators has been launched in Volgograd. A modern manufacturing workshop will allow to increase production output and create new working places. The enterprise is aimed to give employment to the young specialists, who are studying at Volgograd universities.
Modern, automated and advanced this is exactly how we can characterize new workshop on production of aluminum bimetallic radiators. Five foundry complexes, painting and automated lines of mechanical operation will allow to increase productivity and improve the quality of employee performance.
Ruslan Bazhenin the technician of adjustment and examinations: “Manual labour has practically gone, it is replaced by robotics. The work is going on in automatic cycle, the equipment is quite simple if you know how to operate it”.

Here aluminum bimetallic radiators are produced starting from scratch. The enterprise was opened in 2012 and for this time it managed to become one of the biggest manufacturers of Russia. Today the share of its products at the domestic market is about 10 %.
Alexander Denisov, the president of the holding group: “It is constantly changing because of the change of the share of steel and bimetallic aluminum panels. As for aluminum bimetallic panels, before 90% of them had been delivered from China. Nowadays Russian enterprises produce them. At the moment Russian market produces 30 million radiators and 40 million we receive from China”.

The production is 95% automated. But we can’t do anything without qualified specialists. Volgograd State Technical University is capable to provide staff for the enterprise. For this a special agreement will be concluded. The development of relations between the universities and specific industrial enterprises was discussed at the meeting of State Council chaired by the President. In our region the work in this direction has been conducting for several years.
Vladimir Kabanov – vice rector of Volgograd State Technical University: “The agreement is being prepared, we are already in contact. I think that in “field” conditions acquaintance with the heads of the enterprises and production management gives reasons to believe that here we will provide knowledge, we are working on it”.

Over the last five years only, there have been created 65 new enterprises and manufacturing lines in the Volgograd region, more than 182 billion rubles have been invested into the industrial sector. This year other 16 important investment projects will be finished. 

Roman Bekov – vice governor of the Volgograd region, chairman of the committee of commerce and industry of the Volgograd region: “ The volume of industrial production is increasing. Almost all new plants have been included into the import substitution programmes, as high-tech equipment, which is in demand at Russian and foreign markets, is produced there. The administration of the region takes an active part in any investment project, gives its support at the regional and federal level. Of course we identify market outlets, analyze them and cooperate with the sale of the products”.
Now the enterprise is planning to open a new plant for a production of steel panel radiators. The total cost of the first stage is 1,5 billion rubles. In total by 2030 in the region it is planning to realize about 50 investment projects at a total value of 500 billion rubles. It means that more working place will appear, and graduate students of Volgograd universities will be able to occupy them..

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