Representatives of VSTU have participated in the seminar at Joint Russian-Vietnamese Tropical scientific research and technological center


The program of the scientific researches and technological works of Joint Russian-Vietnamese Tropical scientific, research and technological center in the major of “Tropical material engineering” included 2 projects from VSTU: Т-1.5 “Elaboration of heat-, ozone-, and bioresistant elastomeric materials with high resistance to solar radiation for military objects, specialized equipment and shipbuilding (research advisor, academician I.A. Novakov) and Т-1.6 “Research of the stability of superhydrophobic and superhydrophilic coverings, based on chemically bonded polymethacrylates on the surface of metals and polymer materials under the conditions of tropical climate” (research advisor professor A.V. Navrotskiy).

Principal investigator of the project Т-1.5, head of the department “Chemistry and technology of processing of elastomers” and one of its performers, Ph.D. student of the department “General and inorganic chemistry” E.S.Bochkarev took part in the working seminar, which was hold at the Tropical center in Hanoi on March 11. The principal investigator of the project, associate professor of the department “Technology of highly molecular and fiber materials” V.V. Klimov presented the project Т-1.6.

Samples of elastomers, modified fabrics and aluminum layers, made by the Ph.D. student E.S. Bochkarev (research advisor O.O. Tuzhikov), Ph.D. student D.A. Nilidin (research advisor M.A. Vaniev), staff members of the department “Technology of highly molecular and fiber materials” E.V. Bryuzguin and O.V. Kolyaganova, were set up on the territory of the climate test laboratory Kon Zo of the southern department of the Tropical center (Ho Chi Minh) in order to study the impact of the natural climatic factors under the natural conditions of the tropical climate.

Plan of actions for the projects of 2020-2024 was agreed as part of the discussion of the works.

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