MTV : Volgograd university will get a support in development of robotics and unmanned devices


MTV (municipal Volgograd TV): Volgograd university will get a support in development of robotics and unmanned devices.

The best students will be able to make a contribution to the development of cosmonautics. All this will become possible due to the memorandum of cooperation signed with Analytical centre “Aeronet”.

It is a great event for Volgograd scientific community. Famous Russian public person, astronaut-investigator –Sergey Zhukov-has discussed the prospects for cooperation with the administration of Volgograd technical university. At the present day he is a co-director of the working group “Aeronet” - National technological initiative. This association deals with regulation and development of the sphere of unmanned automatic flying vehicles, besides it renders assistance in getting financial support for the representatives of this field

Within a scientific conference at the regional flagship university Sergey Zhukov shared his experience , results and revealed focus areas in the work of Analytical centre “Aeronet”. According to his words, it’s time to make dreams come true. Exactly those dreams, that fantasy writers and constructers have been talking and writing about in the days of the Soviet Union.

“Aeronet” company is a successful example of public and private partnership. For the time of its work, association rendered financial assistance to 80 Russian projects. Cooperation between Volgograd flagship university and “Aeronet” association will give technical university necessary possibilities to create and promote different projects.

Project session took place in the “Centre of project activities of VSTU”, where the scientists of technical university and representatives of the industrial region presented their projects. Among them there were “Aeronet”, “Porshen”, “Technology of 5-D printing”, “Metallic powders”, “Military controllable drone”, “Neural network classifier of aerial photos”.

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