The visual lecture “Chronicle of Russian family”


The visual lecture “Chronicle of Russian family” dedicated to the National Unity Day took place in the conference-hall of VSTU. Opening the visual lecture, the Vice-Dean of Chemical Engineering Faculty Gennady Dukhanin presented the new collective of the vocal and dancing group “Mental Origins” consisting of the second-year students. The collective sang the song “Behind the calm river”.

The associate professor of the “History, Culture and Sociology” Chair Olga Sitnikova told about the National Unity Day. This is one of the “youngest” state holidays but it has the deep origins: the history of the holiday begins in the Time of Troubles. Headed by Kuzma Minin and Dmitry Pozharsky, the fighters of the national levy took Сhinatown by assault in 1612 and blocked the invaders in Kremlin, demonstrating their heroism and the unity of the nation without distinction of the people’s origins, confession and social status.

There is one more national holiday on the 4th of November: the Day of the Kazan icon of the Mother of God is celebrated in honor of the liberation of Moscow because the fighters of the Second Levy were carrying this icon.

The Time of Troubles makes us be attentive to these events, study their consequences and make the conclusion. Our country was rehabilitated but it was a very difficult way and it’s important not to make it again.

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