The students’ travel to Bogdinsko-Baskunchakski Nature Reserve


The excursion tour “Bogdinsko-Baskunchakski Nature Reserve” took place on the 24th of September within the framework of the students’ patriotic forum “Great-Grandchildren of the Victory”. The tour was organized for the winners of the Students’ Contest of the Research, Constructive and Technical Works of VSTU and other conferences of the University.

About 50 students from the different faculties of VSTU and the teachers of the History, Culture and Sociology Chair made a tour to the Astrakhan Region in order to see Russian amazing place of interest – Baskunchak Lake. This is the biggest salt lake in the world. Baskunchak is the unique creation of the nature, some kind of crater on the top of the salt mountain. The recreation on the lake is considered to be very healthful.

Salt is the source of health for the tourists and business for the locals who produce more than 80 % salt of the country. The students saw Big Bogdo Mountain, one of the main parts of the Nature Reserve. Many legends are connected with Bogdo, mountain with red “singing rocks”. The students were very impressed with “Bogdinsko-Baskunchakski Nature Reserve” with its great views.

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