The solemn awarding of the students grant-holders of Volgograd 2017/2018 in Volgograd City Duma


The solemn awarding of the students grant-holders of the Hero City 2017/2018 took place yesterday in Volgograd City Duma. 60 representatives of the Universities and 40 students of the professional educational institutions of the city, including the students of VSTU, got the grants.

The program of the financial support of the best representatives of the students’ youth of Volgograd was established with the decision of Volgograd City Duma in 1993 and became a tradition. Every year Volgograd Universities and secondary specialized colleges have the possibility to be nominated for the personal reward.

The certificates for the personal reward were handed out by the First Vice-Head of Volgograd Vladlen Kolesnikov, Vice-Head of the city Aleksey Volotskov, Deputy of Volgograd Regional Duma Ivan Mordvintsev, Head of the Volgograd City Duma Committee for Youth Politics, Sport and Tourism Dmitry Fedushkin and Head of the Youth Politics and Tourism of Volgograd Administration Ivan Radko, taking into account the students’ academic, creative and research achievements.

After the solemn event the students were invited to make the collective photo. Accompanying our students’ delegation, the Vice-Rector for Academic Affairs Igor Gonik remarked that they had merited these rewards with their achievements in study, sport and social life.

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