The modern Press Service of the Flagship Universities


The round-table conference “The modern Press Service of the Flagship Universities – what are they like?” took place on the base of Belgorod State Technical University named after V.G. Shukhov within the framework of the inter-university forum “Flagship Universities – Drivers of the regional development” on the 14th of December in Belgorod.

The Vice-Head of the Information Policy Department of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation Vladimir Shulov, the Head of the international and network programs of the National Training Foundation Nargis Valamat-Zade, the Vice-Head of the Projects Management in the Education and Social Areas Gennady Klushkin, the direction of the state internet-projects of the International News Agency “Russia today” and the Heads of 23 Flagship Universities took part in the event.

The participants discussed their experience of the work of the Press Service, the best practice of the solution of the critical situations, the formats of the internal communication and cooperation with the prospective students of the University, the possible cooperative initiatives aimed at the advancement of the positions of the Flagship Universities in the Information area.

The members of the conference made a plan of the network in accordance with the results of the discussion:

1.     Verification of the communities of the Flagship Universities in VK net.

2.     Creation of the cooperative group of the Press Service for the information email distribution.

3.     Creation of the communication channel (chat) of the media centers of the Flagship Universities.

4.     Preparation of the plan of the network events for the Press Service in 2018.

5.     New Year video relay between the students of the Flagship Universities.

6.     Creation of the own channel of the Flagship Universities on YouTube.

7.     Creation of the information section on the site for the monthly magazines and digests.

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