The meeting of the Rectorate at VSTU


Three victories of VSTU were discussed during the meeting of the Rectorate.

Vladimir Lysak, Rector of VSTU and Academician of RAS, shared his impressions about the inter-university forum “Flagship Universities – Drivers of the regional development” where he had headed the delegation of the Flagship University. The top-priority project “Flagship Universities as centers of the creation of the innovations” excited all the participants. VSTU successfully joined the ranks of the winners (51).

Besides that, the stand of VSTU got the III grade Diploma for the actual and multifaceted presentation of the information during the V annual exposition “UniPromExpo-2017”. Then the team of VSTU became first for their project “Eco-friendly sorbent ‘Po4ka’ for natural water filtration” and won in the nomination “3D-modelling” during the research and technical fest “UniPromFest”.

The Rector of VSTU congratulated everybody on these victories and started the discussion of the basic questions. The Vice-Rector for Academic Affairs Sergei Kuzmin told about the difference between the digital and distance education.

The instruments of the digital educational resources are forum, social nets, email, SMS and the instruments of the distance educational technologies are online translation, webinar, video conference, chat etc. The distance education has its problems, for example, absence of live contact and absolute control of the educational process. The Vice-Head of the Architecture and Civil Engineering Institute of the Flagship University Oleg Burlachenko told about the experience of the introduction of the distance education.

Also the participants of the meeting discussed the Program of the development of the students’ associations “Our power is in Unity”.

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