Students of VPI won students of MSU in dance battle


Students of Volzhsky Polytechnic Institute (VIP) together with the students of Moscow State University (MSU) are on their vacation in Sochi.

On Tuesday, August 20 students of VPI (branch) of VSTU went to the Black sea. In total, 60 students take part in recreation activities of the biggest branch of the flagship technical university.

The guest house of Lomonosov Moscow State University “Burevestnik” is students’ holiday destination. This guest house is situated in the centre of the village Vishnevka of Lazarevsky district of the city of Sochi in a picturesque corner of the Black Sea coast of the Caucasus. Earlier on August 16, 30 students of Volzhsky polytechnic institute (branch) of the flagship university have already gone on holiday and they are enjoying the sea, sun, breakfasts, dinners and suppers. It is worth reminding that transportation, meals and accommodation are paid by the institute.

As the competitors of the event told the press center, students of VPI Nikita Kudryavtsev (group VAU-226) and Julia Khorina (group VMS-438) have become winners of the competition in nomination “the best dance duo”, having outcompeted the dancers of MSU.

The weather serves the rest. Our students visit local sights, talk, make preparations for a new academic year, as a lot of them are involved in scientific, sportive, cultural and social life of the university. I t is interesting that graduate students have also joined current students in this trip. Now they are capable of buying a ticket and plunging into life of VPI students. What is more, it is the first time when fee-paying students have gone to the seaside funded by the university. We look forward to the arrival of the students in good mood, ready for studies, science and sport.

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