Students of IACE VSTU won golf tournament


Students’ golf tournament took place in Volgograd in a golf-club GreenWood with the assistance of the Golf Federation of the Volgograd region.

Students of the faculty of transport, engineering systems and technosphere safety of the Institute of Architecture and Civil Engineering,VSTU participated in this tournament. In spite of the fact that students had very little time to prepare, they showed excellent results – took all three winning places!

Golf is an Olympic sport which should occupy its place in students’ environment. It is very interesting, decent and graceful. Golf is not a game for weak people.

Interestingly, in 1971 astronaut Alan Shepard kicked the first golf-ball on the surface of the moon in space during his expedition Apollo-14. The first time he simply mis-struck, but for a second time the ball just flew several kilometers because of weak gravitation and lack of atmosphere.

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