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Six Volgograd enterprises are winners of the competition “100 best Russian products”. Volzhsky scientific and technical complex (branch) of VSTU is among them


«Golden» and «silver» logotypes of the competition “100 best Russian products” will ornament products of six enterprises of the Volgograd region regarding the results of the federal stage of the competition.

According to the data from the regional committee of industrial policy, trade, fuel and energy complex, only three enterprises are marked with the highest award – laureate diploma with a “golden” logotype “100 best Russian products” on it. During two years the honorable logotype will be laid over the grinding wheels, produced by the Volzhsky abrasive plant and liquid, ceramic, thermal-insulation coatings of NPO “Bronya”. The highest rating was also awarded to the quality of water research in non-centralized drinking water supply systems from the state unitary enterprise "Volgofarm".

The right to mark their products with the "silver" logotype was won by the machine-building enterprise "ZHASCO" for press extruders for forage production, the company "Archeda-product" - for various types of cereal flakes, as well as the Volga scientific and technical complex (branch) of VSTU - for the development and production of special rollers for moving steel pipes.

The experts have highly appreciated the quality, safety and consumer properties of Volgograd products as well as the level of production and management of the enterprises, marketing policy, implementation of energy-saving technologies, indicators of resource efficiency and environmental friendliness.

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