MTV (municipal Volgograd TV): A.V. Navrotsky temporarily assuming responsibilities of the head of VSTU presented his strategy


Since February 6 the first vice-rector Alexander Navrotsky has been appointed as a person temporarily assuming responsibilities of the head of VSTU.

Academician of the Russian Academy of Science Vladimir Lysak left the position of the rector of VSTU. Behind him there are many victories in prestigious competitions, development of priority projects, thousands of graduate students, who are professionals in their field and one of the most significant achievements-university among the first ones in the country was awarded the status of a flagship university.

Another five-year plan in the history of technical university is left behind…It was difficult but fruitful time. The university can be proud of numerous achievements: for the eighth time it has become the best regional organization in the field of science, 6 national awards have been added to its bank of achievements, more than 80% of employed students, cooperation and innovative developments in industry, science, education – and all these achievements under the tactful guidance of academician of the Russian Academy of Science -Vladimir Lysak.

But the biggest and the most responsible mission, which educational institution and its head have carried out at a very high level was amalgamation of two universities: technical and architectural into one flagship university of our country.

Over the last five years flagship university achieved significant results in scientific-research and innovation activity. At this moment in the university bank of promising innovation projects was created, regional events are being held as part of the National Technological Initiative. Only during 2018, 94 latest technologies were introduced into production. The total amount of researches and technologies performed for Russian and foreign enterprises exceeded 1,5 milliard rubles.

A lot of things have been done, but it is expected to do the same and even more. Since Fenruary 6 the first vice-rector Alexander Navrotsky has been appointed as a person temporarily assuming responsibilities of the head of VSTU. Exactly under his leadership the university is entering the new milestone.

The program of our university as of the flagship remains in its effect. We have a clear road-map and tomorrow as well as the day after tomorrow we will keep going according to this plan, - said the first vice-rector of VSTU Alexander Navrotsky.

Nowadays the university is not going to slow down in its gathered pace of development. The university makes important steps in the sphere of international cooperation: joint scientific researches, publications are being performed and of course daily training of specialists is being carried out.

Details in a report of MTV.

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