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A traditional international festival “Common sky” at the Institute of architecture and civil engineering of VSTU


A traditional international festival “Common sky” was being held before the Unity day at the Institute of architecture and civil engineering of VSTU from October 1 to 30. 

According to the actual conditions, when all public events are forbidden, the festival was held online. But it did not spoil the distinctive local colour of every nationality. 

Twelve countries and republics have participated in the festival this year, they are: India, Georgia, Tyva, Dagestan, Kazakhstan, Armenia, Tatarstan, Azerbaijan, Korea, Belarus, Ukraine, Russia and one ethnic group -  Romany people. Eye-catching costumes of the participants stroke the imagination. Bright Korean hanboks, variegated Tuvinian clothes and colorful Armenian dresses emphasized uniqueness of every country. Representatives of different countries surprised by their skillful performances of national dances and songs.

The festival annually shows students of the Institute of architecture and civil engineering of VSTU that despite the external differences and any prejudices there is only one nation –humankind. Knowledge and respect of all peoples’ customs and traditions will allow us to get along in peace and conciliation. 

The team of students’ broadcast “Gorkhoz TV” has prepared a full record of the festival, which will plunge you into the atmosphere of the celebration of cultural and national unity. 

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