Volzhsky Polytechnic Institute (Affiliate) of the Flagship University presented its platform during the fest "#BrighterTogether"


The big holiday of energy conservation took place in " Volzhsky" Park within the framework of the All-Russian fest "#BrighterTogether".

The platform of Volzhsky Polytechnic Institute (Affiliate) of the Flagship University included the kinetic sculptures made by the Professor Sergey Strekalov, helio-catamaran constructed by the students and teachers of the Institute and the telescope of Volzhsky Polytechnic Institute.

At the beginning of the holiday VSTU was represented by the students who chanted the main slogans of the University connected with success, brightness and luck.

The kinetic sculptures were shown by Sergey Strekalov and his nine-year-old grandson Ilya. The vanes of the sculptures circled due to wind forces and lighted up the big heart, symbol of love of Volzhsky. It was very impressive. The visitors of the fest took photos of the sculptures and decorated one of them with small hearts with wishes of good to Volzhsky inhabitants.

The telescope of Volzhsky Polytechnic Institute was very popular as always. Volzhsky inhabitants watched the moon until last and the organizers stayed there even longer than they had planned.


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