Trip to Astrakhan as a reward for good deeds


Trip of a group of students of Volgograd State Technical flagship university to Astrakhan took place last weekend. Students familiarized themselves with city history, image of its central part, which remained practically unchanged from the end of XIX century, saw over magnificent Astrakhan Kremlin, strolled along the wide and beautiful embankment. This trip was not just an excursion, but it was a students’ reward for their participation in the Festival of good deeds, reward for its best participants, gratitude to those, who tries to make this world kinder and better dedicating their time and effort.

It is to be recalled that Festival of good deeds is annually organized by volunteer group of VSTU and represents the contest of volunteer projects or rather real good deeds, which our students perform. Such a contest constantly gives its participants a lot of positive feedbacks and emotions and its goal - to motivate students to take part in social oriented voluntary activities - is undoubtedly achieved!

Festival of good deeds is finished, but good deeds can be surely done every day.

Volunteer group is waiting for its like-minded fellows in room 122 of the students’ dormitory №1.

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