The students of VSTU organized the creative master class for the patients of Volgograd Oncologic Health Center


The students of VSTU organized the creative master class for the little patients of Volgograd Regional Oncologic Health Center on the 31st of October. The children were choosing the images with the nice winter animals and learning to embroider on canvas. The embroidery sets and the tambour frame were bought with the grant that the volunteers of VSTU had won in the Contest of the Social Projects “Easy to help” organized in 2017 by the benevolent association “Center of Social Programs” of the RUSAL Company.

The project of VSTU is realized on the base of the Christmas Benevolent Students’ Fair. This project gets the support from the students and workers of VSTU who make the items for the fair themselves. The University sends money to the concrete benevolent addresses. The benevolent fairs contribute to the financial support of the children and the organization of the oncologic patients’ leisure during the continuous care. These events can attract the people’s attention to the socially disadvantaged categories of the citizens.

The students plan to organize several master classes in beading, dolls making, New Year ornamentals decorating, scrapbooking and quilling this year. Let’s help the children together!

The contacts for the participation in the fairs:

Anna Brook: 8-962-761-78-73;

Elena Skorikova: 8-917-643-93-57.

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