The memorable sign is made by the collective from Architecture and Civil Engineering Institute in Svetloyarskiy District


The Flagship University and the Administration of Svetloyarskiy District completed a cooperation agreement concerning the questions of improvements in the villages of the district. The collective of Architecture and Civil Engineering Institute made a memorable sign “Svetloyarskiy District – intersection of civilizations” within the framework of this cooperation.

The construction of the memorable sign was realized by the 4-year students-architects under the direction of the author of the project professor P.P. Oleynikov within the framework of the students’ production practice.

The solemn opening of the memorable sign took place on the 29th of September. The representatives of the Administration of Svetloyarskiy District, region and villages participated in the fest. The participants of the project conception and construction of the sign were the guests of the fest.

The important work focused on the consolidation of the international relations and development of authentic culture is realized in Svetloyarskiy District where many nations live together. The opening of “Svetloyarskiy District – intersection of civilizations” is a worthy example of the consolidation of the international and intercultural relations in the district because it symbolizes the significance of the world religions.

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