The Mechanical Engineer Day at VPI


The solemn events dedicated to the Mechanical Engineer Day and the 'Engineering Quest of VPI' took place on the 1st of October in the events hall of Volzhsky Polytechnic Institute (Affiliate of VSTU).

The students, teachers and guests of the University took part in the traditional holiday organized by the Chair "Technology and equipment of the Mechanical Engineering manufacture".

Opening the event, the Head of the Institute Alexander Fetisov congratulated the guests. The students and the teachers got the diplomas from the Mechanical Engineers Union. The students prepared the creative show for the guests of the Institute.

The economy of our country is impossible without mechanical engineering, important industrial area. We can't imagine our life without machines, automobiles, vehicles; production of radio, TV and communication devices; ship-building, construction of flying and space machines, computing technology and much more.

The pupils from 5 Volzhsky schools participated in the 'Engineering Quest of VPI'. The team of the school № 6 "Electronics" became first. The team of the school № 14 "Pre-University" became second. The team of the school № 18 "Lightning" became third. The teams of the school № 17 "220 V" and № 28 "Diesel" were the laureates.

All the participants got the prizes and positive emotions!

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