The Centers of the Youth Innovative Creativity will be established in Volgograd


The Centers of the Youth Innovative Creativity will be established in Volgograd District. The Ministry of Economic Development and Trade of the Russian Federation will give the financial support to the project: Volgograd District won in the Contest of Grants for the right to receive a subsidy. The leading Universities of the city will buy the high-technology equipment for the assurance of the connection between two future platforms.

The Commission approved the request for the organization of the platform where the pupils and students would study in the area “Robotic Science, learning computer games and robotical sets”. It will be established at VSTU. It is in active preparation now: the teachers of “Robotic Science” profile are going to move to the new place with the new equipment.

The new Center of the Youth Innovative Creativity will include the turn-milling centers, third-dimensional scanners, laser-based printer, manipulators, neuroelectronic interfaces and computers. The organizers hope many new young engineers will gather in the Center.

First of all, the children will get the possibility to show their talent: the future Center will present the children’s projects during the Fest of Robotic Science in Volzhsky.

The works made by the children from the technical club are unique and very promising: the ‘robot-manipulator’ can take any object and would be used in military area or suppress a fire, the ‘clever greenhouse’ would be placed in the house and can automatically manage the process, the ‘clever pot’ is remotely-controlled too.

It is important to help and support the talents. The Government of the country and Volgograd District expresses an interest in the economic development that is impossible without specialists from the engineering areas.

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