The annual Christmas Charity Fair “Snowstorm of Miracles” at VSTU


The annual Christmas Charity Fair “Snowstorm of Miracles”, organized by the voluntary group and the voluntary sector of the Students Council of VSTU, took place yesterday at VSTU. The students, colleagues and teachers of the University came to the chair that was rich in the professional handiwork and the touching toys made by the children.

The chair consisted of the handiwork made by the colleagues and students of our University, VSSPU, the grammar school № 4 of Voroshylovsky District and the patients from the children’s oncohaematological department of Volgograd Regional Oncological Health Center who created these toys with our volunteers’ help. They bought the materials with the grant received in the Contest of the Social Projects “Easy to help” in 2017 by the benevolent association “Center of Social Programs” of the RUSAL Company.

Money from the chair will be sent to the different charity addresses, including the Oncological Health Center, animal shelter “Constant friends” and the Child’s Home for the children with central nervous system damage.

The volunteers of VSTU thank all the participants of the chair! Your benevolence will help those who need the support in their hard life.

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