Students of the flagship university took part in a rally of remembrance


On February 2 wartime songs were heard at the intersection of Lenin Street and Komsomolskaya Street in Volgograd. Festive rally dedicated to the 76th anniversary of victory in The Battle of Stalingrad took place in the park near the monument of Komsomol members-protectors of Stalingrad.

Representatives of different generations: schoolchildren and students, veterans of the Great Patriotic War and veterans of labor, representatives of social organizations visited the rally.

They gathered near the memorial in order to remember those who died, protecting our city on the days of the Battle on Volga and thank with their whole heart those who can still tell the youth about those terrible days.

The Battle of Stalingrad lasted 200 days. Victory in this battle marked the start of a radical turn in the course of the war. The battle became the first major defeat of Wehrmacht followed by a capitulation of a big military group.

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