Felicitations on the Teacher’s Day from the Minister of Education and Science of the Russian Federation O.Y. Vasilieva


Dear friends, teachers, colleagues!

Accept my most sincere felicitations on the professional holiday – The Teacher’s Day!

Finding the vocation, the person carries out a mission. Despite all the problems and difficulties, the teacher commits himself to his choice and dedicates his life path to the pupils. The significance of the result of the teacher’s efforts cannot be overstated.

With your devotion, high moral qualities, patience and strength of your spirit millions of our children will be glad to enter the school that becomes their second home. The abilities to empathize with the pupils, look for the approaches in the unusual situation, understand the pupils and be their educator are the special qualities that place Russian teacher on the pedestal of the social recognition.

Your word is the moral point of reference for the young citizens of Russia, it helps them in the search of the difficult decisions, motivates them to act. The future of our country is formed when the teacher’s wisdom directs the young people’s energy.

Dear teachers! I wish you strong health, your family’s well-being and success in the professional activity!

Minister                                                                          O.Y. Vasilieva 

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