VSTU participates in the Mechanical Engineering Development of the district


The Flagship University is a talent foundry and research center for the Mechanical Engineering Area of Volgograd District.

The International Research and Technical Conference “Innovative Technologies in Mechanical Engineering: from project conception to the manufacturing of competitive products” is taking place at the Flagship University. It will last till the 22nd of September. The event is aimed at the decision of the problems connected with the key stages of the life circle of the production: from the stages of project conception to the manufacturing of competitive products. It is organized by the Association of Technologists and Mechanical Engineers with the support of Russian Foundation of Fundamental Research.

The program of the Conference is dedicated to the project conception, technologies of blank production, electro machining and combined methods of processing, abrasive and mechanical processing, additive technologies, automated control and machine assembling, management of the quality of mechanical engineering products etc.

The research base of Volgograd District includes 40 research and educational centers and has a well-developed engineering infrastructure. The serious research work is realized in cooperation with the biggest Mechanical Engineering Enterprises of the District.

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