TASS: “Time of petrol dinosaurs is up”. Engineer, graduate student of Kamyshin Technological Institute - VSTU affiliate – is going from France to China by solar-powered bicycle


Ivan Bogdanov is modifying his unique car for the third time and is preparing to fulfill his lifelong dream: race The Sun Trip Tour 2020 where participate only helio - electric bicycles.

For the first time Ivan has presented his brainchild in summer 2015. At that time solar-powered bicycle “Helios” covered 200 km in two days, riding from Kamyshin to regional centre Ilovlya, all within the Volgograd region area.

Team of young engineers has been elaborating the project “Helios” since 2013. Then a patent “Solar bicycle” was received as a proof of the fact that invented and created cargo electric and solar-powered bicycle, which doesn’t require boost charge, is unique in the world.

The same year Bogdanov as a project supervisor won a grant of the Small Enterprise Assistance Fund in scientific and technical sphere upon the program “Egghead” and got 400 thousand rubles.

In 2019 he is going to set up a company in his native city, which will design not only solar-powered bicycles but also wind power generators, accumulate systems, high and low powered electromotors. All these will be applied to both transport and industrial production.

“He is not only a talented engineer, but he can communicate with representatives of authority, find investors. Offices of famous Russian companies, which deal with problems and usage of alternative sources of energy, have already known about him and his inventions” – in such a way research supervisor , associate professor of the department of electricity supply of Kamyshin affiliate of Volgograd State Technical University- Valery Galushchak speaks of Ivan.

As Mr. Galushchak says, his student turned to be an obstinate person, what is essential in the preparation for the international race as well as for setting up a company. There were a lot of difficulties mainly financial ones, but for more than five years Bogdanov had been constantly searching for and finding new implementation of the idea of renewable sources of energy.

As well as there is a myth that we need a lot of sun energy for the work of a solar battery, there is also an opinion that electric solar-powered transport can be used only in summer time. Galushchak and Bogdanov have dispelled this myth.

“In atmosphere sun rays are hold mainly by water vapors. So there is the least amount of moisture in the air in summer and winter. In summer it vaporizes and in winter it freezes. An illustrative example is how quickly clothes dry up in freezing temperatures in winter. This is due to the fact that there is practically no moisture in the winter air, solar battery on any electric transport works much more efficiently unlike spring and autumn periods”, - Bogdanov explained.

“In Moscow a lot of companies have already been buying electric bicycles for food delivery. This mean of transport gains its popularity in Europe and China. Generally, to be honest every time I am pleased with increase of the price on fuel, because exactly this fact makes the majority of the population think about switching to the eco-friendly and noiseless electric transport. Time of petrol dinosaurs is ending and solar-powered bicycles have a great future. Very soon switching to the electric transport will become trendy and in future it will just displace the ordinary cars”, - Bogdanov is sure.

His research supervisor completely agrees with him. “Technical advantages of the electric transport are obvious – it is more dynamic, gets up speed more sharply, goes up steadily. This time a lorry with electric engine, which went 800 km has already been tested. Gasoline and diesel engines will become a thing of the past like steam trains”- believes Galushchak, who as he characterizes himself “has eaten all his teeth on the engines”.

Now only slight problem is rest – be in time changing ordinary bicycles to solar ones as well as gasoline and diesel automobiles to electric ones.

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