The University became the partner of the collective project supported by the Foundation of the President’s Grants “RoboFactory +”


The project “RoboFactory +” was supported by the President’s grant within the framework of the International Research Area “Technologies of the possibilities of the Social Engineering” that unified the researchers of VSTU, VSSPU, University College named after Thomas More (Belgium) in the research of technologies of the Social Engineering for the physically challenged people.

The project is organized on the base of the private educational institution “Tsaritsyn School №1”. It is focused on the additional education of the children with special needs for their social adaptation with the elements of the engineering thinking and professional orientation. The education is planned for the children from Volgograd, Volzhsky and Kotovo. It isn’t the first time the workers and students of VSTU have organized the free courses for the children from the correctional schools of Volgograd.

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