The philosophic olympiad of the Chair “Philosophy and Law”


Seven teams of five faculties (Faculty of Automated, Vehicle and Weapon Systems; Food Engineering Faculty, Structural Materials Technology Faculty, Economics and Management Faculty and Automobile transport Faculty) gathered in the multimedia office of the high level building of VSTU in order to participate in the philosophic olympiad.

The olympiad included 4 contests evaluated by the competent jury – teachers of the chair, participant of the net partnership “Constructors of the Practice Communities”, business coach and moderator of the Foresight Session.

The first contest took place in the format of the “Club of the Funny and Inventive”. The young people had to present their future professions through the lens of the Philosophy. All the teams demonstrated their creativity and the philosophic vision of their training areas. There were many poems, songs and brave ideas.

The classic contests (crossword puzzle and test) invited the participants to show how they knew the philosophic terminology.

The students succeeded in the contest connected with Immanuel Kant’s ideas “Philosophic LEGO”. They had to fill the gaps with the missing key-notions in the work “Criticism of Pure Reason”.

The participants connected the philosophic categories with the art images presented on the screen in the contest “Philosophic Image”.

The event was very spectacular, interesting and educative. The guests appreciated the students’ efforts and creativity in this intellectual holiday. The team of the Economics and Management Faculty became first in the contest. All the participants got the diplomas and sweet prizes.

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