The “JuniorActive” Project: the “Sunny Regatta” started on the base of Volgograd Children’s Center of Technical Creativity”


The “JuniorActive” Project is realized within the framework of the Flagship University Development Program. It is aimed at the formation, development and support of the system of the teenagers and children’s research and engineering creativity in Volgograd District. Volgograd Children’s Center of Technical Creativity is one of the distance educational platforms of the “JuniorActive” Project.

This year the educational program “Midshipman” started on the base of the Center with the educational, contest and olympiad projects realized in cooperation with the Faculty of Pre-University Training of VSTU. The pupils pass the training for the participation in “Sunny Regatta”. The children have to construct the real ship and fit it up with electromotor and solar batteries. The pupils’ team will learn the theory of the maritime engineering, fundamentals of electric and mechanical engineering, principles of the functioning of the solar batteries and electromotor; read the electrical schemes and do the electric-installation works.

The program “Midshipman” is prepared within the framework of Volgograd Children’s Center of Technical Creativity and the autonomous non-commercial organization “National Center of Engineering Contests and Competitions”. It is based on the project “Engineering Contests and Competitions” of the road map “Marinet” of the National Technological Initiative. VSTU is the intellectual partner of the realization of the program.

The program started on the 2nd of November within the framework of the regional contest “Initial Technical Modeling”. The young inventors took part in the real naval battle with the flotilla of the radio guided ship models.

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