The "JuniorActive" Project: primary school pupils' Engineering and Technical training


The program for the 1st and 2nd grade pupils is realized at the Pre-University Training Faculty of VSTU within the framework of the "JuniorActive" Project of the Flagship University Strategic Development Program aimed at the development and the support of the children and teenagers' technical creativity.

The conception of the program is oriented to the pupils' systematic basic training in the format of the advanced education in the following areas: mathematics (arithmetic operations, equation of line and its graph, length of arch), geometry (basic trigonometric figures: perimeter, square, volume), physics (coordinate system, rectilinear uniform motion over the surface, physics of electricity), basic level of the computer correctness and the fundamentals of robotic science.

The pupils will learn to calculate the motion trajectories of the objects over the surface, get the skills of making the algorithms and programs of the control of the motion of robotic movable platforms within the framework of the program "Primary Engineering Training".

The result of the realization of the educational program for the pupils supposes the children's defense of the "engineering project" - maquette of the technical mobile device aimed at the accomplishment of the functions chosen by the pupil. During the work the pupil will have to definite the possibilities of the device, geometry of its case, equip it with necessary antennas and actuation devices.

We invite the 1st and 2nd grade pupils to participate in the educational program!


961 062 43 19 - Assistant Dean of the Pre-University Training Faculty of VSTU Andrey Victorovitch Isayev;

8(8442) 24-84-21, 24-84-22 - specialists of the dean’s office of the Pre-University Training Faculty of VSTU.


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