Master-classes are over – training begins


Three Fridays in a row Laboratory “RobIn” of Volzhsky polytechnic institute (VPI) (VSTU branch) met guests with entertaining master classes, in order to give them an opportunity to choose educational program.

More than hundred citizens of Volzhsky visited VPI for the last three weeks within interactive meetings with leading professors of Centre of Innovations and university physical researches.

Pupils of all ages from different schools of our city their parents and grandparents became utterly absorbed in chemical and electrotechnical experiments, secrets of 3-D modeling, computer creative activities as well as software engineering.

All the events were notable for participants’ high level of interest. Most of them showed their willingness to continue working with Centre of Innovations and university physical researches and successfully complete the course of their favorite program.

For those who still doubts, we remind that registration on training course in the Laboratory RobIn is extended to February 8 inclusive. For more details see our group or contact us by phone: +79044124796 (Tatyana Alexandrovna).

Staff members of the Centre of Innovations and university physical researches express their gratitude to employees of VPI: Alla Yuryevna Aleksandrina, Vladimir Grogorievich Kochetkov, Alexey Vladimirovich Sinkov, Anastasia Borovikova, Sofia Kotlyarova, university department of extra-curricular activities, executive and volunteer groups of VPI for conducting master-classes.

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