Junior-Active Project: The solemn opening of the Engineering Department – School №1 Svetly Yar


The Engineering Department opened on the base of the educational platform of “Svetly Yar Secondary School №1” within the framework of the realization of the Flagship University Development Project “Junior-Active” aimed at the formation, development and support of the system of the children and teenagers’ research and engineering creativity in Volgograd District.

The Engineering Class is formed for the 5th graders and has a special educational program with the additional modules including the elements of the “adults’ disciplines”: Automatic Control Theory, Electric Engineering and Electronics, some branches of Physics.

The Engineering Department Project is approved on the level of the Administration of Svetly Yar municipal district and got the financial support within the framework of the charity fund “LUKOIL-VolgogradOilProcessing” – “Engineer is the example to follow” Project.

The Head of the School Margarita Trigolos remarked the significance of this project within the framework of the development of the school and the perspective of the Engineering Area forming in Svetly Yar District.

Andrey Isaev, Vice-Dean of the Faculty of Pre-University Training of VSTU, and Nelya Yumagulova, Head of Red Army Pre-University Education Center, congratulated the young engineers and gave them the prizes with the “Junior-Active” symbols.

Good luck, dear young engineers!

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